Phillip offers a selection of practical, hands on training workshops designed to help you implement your referral program with more certaining for results and more speed.

“Money in the bank only ever follows doing…it never follows planning.” If you’ve met Phillip you’ll know that he regards implementation as the key to his success.

Phillip plays a proactive role in the creation and delivery of each workshop ensuring it is delivered in the most appropriate way. Workshop spaces are strictly limited to 40 attendees to ensure the quality of training is maintained.  As a professional trainer Phillip understands that people have a range a learning styles and a mixed approach is the best way to impart knowledge and create an engaging learning experience.

Attendees are typically those who are looking for practical help and advice, often seeking support to implement previous learning, address knowledge gaps and learn more advanced online referral strategies and techniques.

Workshops are run on a regular basis throughout the year from venues in London and Oxfordshire.  Below you can find full details of the 2 day workshop schedule along with ticket payment options and links to dates and availability.

Learn And Implement The 9 Accelerators Behind The Referral Method™

During the two days we spend together we will cover and implement the 9 Accelerators within The Referral Method™.


Accelerator 1 – Your Ideal Partner Framework

Learn how to use this framework to become crystal clear on who your ideal referral partners are and overcome any doubts or limiting beliefs so you are confident when approaching them.

Accelerator 2 – Your Recruitment Game Plan

Learn to secrets behind getting partners to say YES!  Within this game plan I share my step-by-step formula giving you proven templates and scripts to ensure your success.

Accelerator 3 – The Motivation Tool Box

Motivating referral partners to do what you want, when you want is THE KEY to success.  In this accelerator crash course I share all the tricks-of-the-trade I’ve learned and have been successfully deploying since 2008.

Accelerator 4 – The Transfer Of Trust Blueprint

One of the keys to building long-term referral partnerships is the rate at which you convert and serve this new flow of high quality leads. In this accelerator crash course I share with you the blueprint behind gaining, nurturing and converting the trust of your newly referred leads.


Accelerator 5 – The Referral Funnel Sequence

In this accelerator crash course I share with you my most valuable asset.  The Referral Funnel sequence is proven time and time again to draw in your partners leads, nurture them, add huge value and, most importantly, convert them into sales.

Accelerator 6 – The Easy Tech Solution

Tech struggles can slow growth and be incredibly frustraiting.  I get it!  In this accelerator crash course I share with you my select trusted solutions to help you quickly and easily set up your chosen tech platform and focus on launching your referral program with confidence and certainty.

Accelerator 7 – The Test > Launch > Run System

Scaling a business creates a multitude of challenges.  Generating a predictable flow of high quality leads should not be one of them.  In this accelerator crash course I share with you my system to successfully start, monitor and automate the entire process.

Accelerator 8 – The Calibrate & Improve Dashboard

Knowing exactly what to track and focussing on the key areas that actually move the needle is the key.  In this accelerator crash course I give you a template to follow and guidance around your referral programs Key Performance Indicators.

Accelerator 9 – The Speedy Template Vault

Creating and running your referral program should be easy, efficient and straightforward.  In this crash course I share with you all the templates, checksheets, process flows emails and video so you can shortcut your route to success scripts and quickly turn a trickle of referrals into an exciting predictable flow.

Here’s What Some Students Are Saying

Our students aren’t just satisfied, they have an online referral and affiliate partnership system successfully making them money.

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