Hi there,

Thank you for agreeing to record a quick video testimonial for me.  I really appreciate your support.

Here is some question prompts to help you out.

Of course, they are just prompts, and you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to use, or just freestyle your own!

A short casual and down to earth video clip recorded on your phone is perfect.  Ideally, I’d love your video clip to be around 2 to 3 minutes and recorded in Widescreen format.

Here we go, it would be awesome if you could talk around some, or all of these:

– How have you worked with me?

(The Referral Method Academy, The Referral Method Workshop, The Referral Method Consultancy, Inner Circle Mentoring)

– What was your single biggest problem you had before working with me?

– How much was this problem costing you by way of time, money or missed opportunity (estimate)?

– How did this problem affect your emotions; feelings; relationships; lifestyle (e.g lack of confidence to approach partners)?

– What is it like working with me?

– How would you describe my coaching style?

– How effective is working with me?

– Would you recommend me to others?

Thanks again, all the best

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