The Story of the Money Printing Machine

This is a story I first came across in 2007 and one that has stuck with me ever since. When I came across this story, I was in the midst of negotiating the sale and my exit from the company I was running at the time. The story really resonated with me and went on to help me focus precisely on the important tasks that were going to get the job done.

I find this a great ‘energy creator’ and I hope it will help you think about how you treat the time you spend working on your business and your goals.

So here goes…

Imagine this…

Suppose, just for argument’s sake, your aim is to make £514,000 in cash in order for you to pay off your mortgage, your car loan and clear any other debts you might have. Imagine, for a moment how you would feel if you were completely debt-free… And you didn’t owe anyone a single penny… everything you own is 100% yours.


Now imagine I lent you a machine which printed £5 notes. Money which is legal tender and yours to do with as you please.

Imagine it’s down in your garage, or garden office right now and all you need to do is load the special paper, pull a few heavy levers, turn a few tight handles and press a few buttons after which time out pops a crisp £5 note.

That process, although physically demanding, only takes one minute. In other words, it takes you a minute to produce one £5 note.

Now further imagine that you ONLY have this machine for a limited time before I return and take it away from you. Though you don’t know when that will be. At some point in time, unknown to you, I’m going to turn up and take the machine away just as quickly as it arrived. Furthermore, only you can operate the machine… you cannot delegate the task to an assistant.

What would you do…?


Well, a bit of maths would quickly tell you that in order for you to reach your target figure of £514,000… the figure which will pay off your mortgage and set you free… you’ll have to produce 102,800 five-pound notes.

Now you are probably already thinking of £5 per minute – how many days, weeks and months is that? Well…it works out to 71 days, 9 hours, and 20 minutes. Or if you prefer just over 10 weeks. So, in just two and a half months you can generate £514,000.

In short, you have this one chance, maybe the only chance in your life, to become cash-rich and debt-free… but you’re going to have to REALLY go for it…

So what would you do…?

Well, it’s an odds-on certainty that initially you would spend the entire day in your garage or garden office. (Even if it had no windows, no heating, and was cold and damp). Just loading the special paper, pulling those levers, twisting those handles, pressing those buttons over and over and over.

You would deeply resent having to take any breaks.


Perhaps you would run inside to the toilet and dash back out again scared of wasting one precious second when you could be operating the machine.


You would not take leisurely hour-long lunch breaks. Instead, you would dash into the kitchen, grab two slices of bread, slap some cheese in the middle, and sprint back to the machine. With the lever in one hand and the cheese sandwich in the other, you would eat and work at the same time.

In fact, you’d probably quickly build a team around you, whilst still operating the machine, to help you focus and maximise your efficiency.

Bed-time would come and go. You would think: “Just another hour, then I really WILL go to bed.” 1 am… 2 am… 3 am passes until eventually, you would fall asleep slumped over the lever. Only to wake with a start at 6 am and begin frantically pulling the lever again. Meanwhile cursing yourself for the ‘lost time’- after all, you could have made another £900 instead of sleeping.

Eventually, the pile of money grows inexorably larger around you… £10,000… £100,000… £200,000… £350,000…

Until eventually you reach your target ‘debt-free’ figure of £514,000…

Nice story…? Nice thought isn’t it…?


You know, if you really did have a money-printing machine there is no way you’d slack off. No way would you miss out on reaching your dream. it’s that image I want you to ingrain in your mind when you are working on your business.

Why…? Because, at the end of the day, your business IS your very own money-printing machine.

Whilst that’s the end of the story and this edition of #PGsTips before I go I thought I’d share one more thing with you. Yesterday I spent the morning with my mentor and I realised that I’d let things slip over the last 2 to 3 weeks. I’d not been as focussed as I would normally be on building my business and achieving my goals.

Sometimes it takes someone else to point that out to you right…?  That’s just one reason why I’ve always had a mentor in my life.

So, what am I going to do about it?


Well, whilst this is a story I know well and could probably tell you pretty much word for word. I’ve just handwritten this story out and personalised it to make it ‘mine’.


Secondly, I’m going to read it every single morning to keep me focussed on my goals, both business and personal. As my mentor reminded me yesterday CONSISTENCY is everything.

I’m going to use it to continually focus my mind…to constantly excite me and remind me why I’m pushing to achieve my goals. The awareness of this story over the last 8 years has already helped me focus and exceed my first target. Now it’s time to step it up a gear, get focussed, and go again!

Perhaps this story can help you cultivate the same feeling towards your business as you would if you really had a machine spurting out crisp brand new £5 notes.

Use it to keep yourself on track and to remind yourself why you need to push yourself to do the work that’s required to achieve your business and personal goals.

To your success, all the best

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