Goal Setting – Step 3

How to Clear The Runway For Take-Off

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Step 3 – How To Clear The Runway For Take-Off

Have you taken a break… stretched your legs… refreshed your mind…?

There’s some game-changes to cover here in the final step.  Let’s Go…!

When you are setting up and growing a business, it is vital that you set yourself goals that will drive you to succeed AND it’s vital you clear obstacles that will slow you down, or worst still, derail you completely!

In this step we’re going to cover a way of setting goals that will ensure you achieve the success you desire. Below is a collection of questions which will make sure you no longer have any false starts, wasting time, energy and loosing momentum.

Here are the key points you need to follow to ensure you will achieve your goals in business and life in general:

1) Have the correct gap

It is important that you have an appropriate gap between where you are now and where your goal will take you.

If your gap is too small, then you won’t feel excited and there won’t be enough “umph” to keep you going.

If the gap is too large, you will find it hard to genuinely satisfy the left brain and you won’t believe you can achieve it. This normally results in a disengagement and you’ll probably never get round to even starting.

Sound familiar?…! If so, this is NEVER going to happen again!

2) Anything to do first?

My experience in helping many clients to achieve their goals is that everybody has a responsible part of their personality.

This is the part that insists, for example, that debts are paid off before you can buy a new car. In this case, the key is to include both parts of the goal and imagine a healthy bank statement along with the new car.

3) Is this goal under your control?

A common mistake many people make is to chase a goal that is dependent on other people.

As an example, people will decide they want to win a certain contract. This is unlikely to succeed as much of the process is outside your control, such as the quality of the other bids. It is much more effective to focus on, say, submitting the best bid you are capable of. That is completely under your control.

4) Share and find an ‘accountability buddy’

Share your goals with a coach, mentor or friend who you respect and who will hold you accountable. The very fact of sharing a goal helps it become real rather than just an idea, a dream, in your head.

Accountability is the key to success in many aspects of business and life in general. Use this as part of your goal setting process, when you have all of the previous steps laid out and you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of achieving.

5) Establish your advantages and disadvantages

Next up we want to take some a little time to complete this exercise, it will pay dividends and help you over the inevitable challenges you will face when driving towards your goal.

Have a look at this diagram:

Let’s have a look at how this works by reviewing each section in turn and brainstorm some ideas…

Box 1 – The Advantages of Now

In this section I want you to list all the possible advantages you have of staying where you are right now.

By definition, achieving your goals will result in change. It is vital that you think through the benefits you have right now. For example whilst growing your business, you may lose out on having a lot of free time. You need to resolve this dilemma in your head to make sure you get the result you want.

Just give yourself a few minutes to jot down the thoughts that come into your head. Don’t evaluate them or ponder over them, just write them down and move on to the next thought…when you have run out of thoughts…have a short break…time for a coffee or a walk around the garden. Then come back to the exercise.

Box 2 – The Advantages of the Future

List all the possible disadvantages of staying where you are right now and not aiming at anything to improve your business and life in general.

As above, give yourself a few minutes to jot down the thoughts that come into your head, don’t evaluate them, just jot them down…until you run out. Time for another short break…then come back to this exercise.

Box 3 – The Disadvantages of Now

List all the possible disadvantages of staying exactly where you are now. If you don’t bother to start your new project or aim for the new goal, what will life be like, what will happen for you?

As above, give yourself a few minutes to jot down the thoughts that come into your head, no evaluation. One last short break…make the most of it…then come back again.

Box 4 – The Disadvantages of the Future

List all the disadvantages of achieving your goal. Yes, you have read that correctly. List all the possible disadvantages in achieving your goal and growing your business. Anything that you could gain that you don’t want or anything you could lose that is valuable to you. Would anyone suffer when you’ve achieved your goal?

Whilst goals, by their very nature focus on your performance and your aspirations, you are more likely to be successful if you can assure yourself that no-one will lose out when you achieve your goal.

Take a look at your lists: What does that tell you?

To build momentum, maintain a positive mindset and stand a great chance of achieving your goals, it is important that the ideas in lists 2 and 3 are much, much more powerful and more compelling than those in lists 1 and 4.

This isn’t just that the number of thoughts in boxes 2 and 3 are greater than the number of thoughts in 1 and 4. It’s more about how you feel when you look at your comments you’ve written down in the grid above.

If you don’t feel that (2+3>>1+4), then you need to set about either increasing the power of the thoughts in lists 2 and 3 and/or reducing the influence and power of the thoughts listed in lists 1 and 4.

6) Identify the first step

If you don’t have a specific, time-based first step, then you don’t have a goal, you have a dream. Make this into a goal by detailing the first practical step you will be taking AND and timescale by which you will have taken that first step.








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