Goal Setting – Step 2

The Formula For Unstoppable Action

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Step 2 – The Formula For Unstoppable Action

Here’s a formula I’ve used for a few years now.  It’s a formula that is responsible for a large percentage of the success I’ve enjoyed and I wanted to make sure I share it with you today… right here.

I use it every time I establish a new goal.

Desire + Knowledge = Belief

Belief + Detailed Goal = Energy

Energy + Action = Success

So, therefore, to absolutely smash the goal you’re aiming here’s what you need to work through.


Establish that you have a really strong DESIRE to achieve the goal

Personally – I make sure that I can visualise life when I have achieved the goal. I ask myself what success will look and feel like to me. Following on from Step 1 this makes sure that my Right Brain is completely satisfied of all the benefits achieving the goal will bring.

When answering these questions I make sure the thoughts are evoking a state change in me…am I feeling that mix of nervous excitement?  Am I itching to get started right now?

If the answer is no, which let’s be honest can be the case on occasions, I don’t proceed any further and I use the technique I’m going to share with you in Step 3 to assess what might be blocking me and assess my options for moving forward.

More on that later…

If that happens at this point, as you’re working your way through the course and learning these new techniques, please switch to a goal which does evoke an state change and creates some excitement.


Ensure you access to all the KNOWLEDGE you need to make a positive start and head towards achieving your goal

Notice I say…”access to” and “make a positive start” don’t fall into the trap of never starting because you just need to learn that one more piece of the puzzle!  Make sure you know whats required to start… and make sure you know where to go if you need more knowledge or support to achieve your desired end goal.

This is very important, be realistic, this is a balance you need to strike to ensure you feel comfortable. Comfortable that you know where to start, how to map out the key steps and, should you need it, where to turn if you find you’re missing a bit of info.

Right now, we’re living at the cutting edge of the eLearning industry explosion there are literally hundreds of online training courses being launch each and every week on just about any topic you could ever wish to learn about. Gaining the knowledge you need has never been easier than it is right now.

Online training courses allow you to learn at your own pace and, best of all, revisit the training as often as you need to reinforce your learning. Take a look over the range of courses on Udemy, or simply search YouTube for the ares you feel you need help with.

Search Facebook and LinkedIn for communities / groups which will help you. Search Google for forums which are full of like minded people on a similar journey. Building a strong network around you is very important to achieving your goals and being confident that you have, or can access all the knowledge you need.


This will give you the true BELIEF that your goal is achievable

Without the true belief that you can achieve your goal, your goal isn’t a goal…it’s a nice thought…a dream that will never become reality. Building a strong desire along with confidence that you hold the knowledge you need are essential elements in establishing true belief in your goal.


Write out a DETAILED GOAL…write it out on a nice sheet of paper by hand

Write out your goal in detail and explain what success will feel like when you’ve achieved it. Do this by hand on a nice sheet of quality paper, or, better still in your goal book.  Draw on those thoughts that your desire evoked in the first step above.

Now…here’s the key…share that goal with someone close to you who will hold you accountable. Never keep it a secret or it will stay a secret, in your head, forever!!

If you’d like a little help on writing out your goal we’re going to cover that in Step 3 so don’t worry, or give in because you feel this is an obstacle.

Don’t make the mistake either of thinking that this step is all arty-farty, wishy-washy, woo-woo non-sense. It has been proven, time and time again that goals that are written down and shared stand a much, much greater chance of being accomplished.

REMEMBER, this isn’t about just setting another New Years resolution which last a fortnight tops.


This helps create all the ENERGY and motivation you’ll ever need

Get the DESIRE, KNOWLEDGE, BELIEF and a established GOAL and it will release a surge of ENERGY.

If you’ve got things right, at this stage you’ll be itching to get started and nothing will hold you back. You’ll be excited about achieving your goal…you’ll be waking up in the morning raring to go and best of all you’ll enjoy doing the stuff you need to get done to achieve your goal.


Now it’s time to take ACTION

Deborah Meaden and me at the Smarta Awards

Deborah Meaden and me at the Smarta Awards

Back in 2010 I was lucky enough to meet Deborah Meaden from the hit BBC Show Dragons Den (she really is the nicest of dragons!) Whilst our chat was brief we did get on to the topic of winning in business, appropriate as we were attending an awards evening! One comment Deborah made to me has stuck with me ever since, she said

“Remember Phillip, money in the bank only ever follows doing, it never follows planning.”

Be a do’er…someone who sets a goal, gets their head down and cracks on with it because they have a strong DESIRE, then ensure you have, or have access to, all the KNOWLEDGE you need to create true BELIEF, set a detailed GOAL, write it down and share it with someone close to you. Following these steps will create lots of ENERGY then you just need to take ACTION and you’ll achieve your SUCCESS.



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I hope that you’ve enjoyed the first two steps of my Goal Setting Crash Course.

If you have any questions just click on the link below, pop over to my Facebook page and drop a post in there with your questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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