Goal Setting – Step 1

The Power Of Setting Balanced Goals

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Step 1 – The Power Of Setting Balanced Goals


Understanding some high-level basics of N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in my belief is fundamental to setting goals that you will ACTUALLY take action on and achieve.

Not understanding this step causes so many people to self sabotage their own success.

N.L.P is a collection of rules and techniques which enable you to understand and modify your behavior for self improvement and for more effective interpersonal communications. In simple terms, N.L.P can help us understand why we think the way we do and why we behave the way we do.

There’s a very real chance that you might spot, just in this first step, where you may have been going wrong in the past.

Let’s make a start…

Imagine the diagram below is a representation of our brain.

Now, whilst the diagram above is a balanced representation this is typically not true when it comes to our own brain functions.


Left Brain

The left side is the ‘Logical’ side of our brain. The part that controls tasks which, for example, require Analysis, Sequencing, Mathematics, Language and Facts.

For some people this is the side they are biased towards.  Typically, for example, Engineers, Accountants, Solicitors and Mathematicians have a bias towards the left side of their brain.


Right Brain

Next up… we have the right side of our brain.

The right side is the ‘Emotional’ side of our brain.  The part that controls tasks which, for example, require Senses, Feelings, Creative Thoughts, Imagination and Rhythm.

For some people this is the side they are biased towards.  Typically, for example, Artists, Interior Designers, Architects, Authors and Life Coaches have a bias towards the right side of their brain.



The final third element is our ‘Unconscious’ brain, the part which controls our breathing, balance and movement. This is a very powerful part of our brain. It allows us to process millions of thoughts a second which keep us balanced, breathing, blinking etc. etc. without us actually having to remember to do these tasks… they just happen seemingly automatically.

So here’s the key point.

When goal setting we have to do it in such a way that we control the unconscious brain and make sure that our previous beliefs and habits do not sabotage our desire to achieve a new goal.

The way we do this is making sure that we set goals that are very balanced from our Left and Right sides.

Naturally, when I’m working with clients face-to-face, as we reach this point they start to realise which side of their brain they have a stronger bias towards.  That’s what I’d like you to take a few moments to think about now.

Are you a logical step-by-step thinker, OR, are you a move creative ideas person?

There’s always a bias to one particular side, sometimes more extreme than others, but there’s ALWAYS a bias so please take a moment to work out which side comes more naturally to you.

It’s REALLY IMPORTANT that you understand where you naturally sit, as building up the opposite side is where the real power is in this goal setting process.

One side will come very easily and the other will be more hard work.

For me personally, I’m very left brain biased. I’ve learnt to work hard and really focus on setting right brain aligned targets so that I create truly balanced goals.

Let’s work through some examples…

The left brain needs a logical step-by-step plan of how you’re going to achieve your goal. It needs to know the numbers involved and the technical process you’re going to follow to achieve your goal. It needs to know that we’re doing things in the right order. It needs to totally believe that our goal is technically and physically possible.

The right brain needs to know WHY we are trying to achieve a particular goal. It needs to know what is the benefit of achieving the goal from a feelings perspective. How will you feel when you achieve your goal emotionally. What is it really going to do for you. If you were to sit down in a chair at the end of achieving your goal, what senses, feelings, emotion would you feel?

Setting balanced goals (goals you WILL ACTUALLY ACHIEVE!) is about satisfying both sides of our brain EQUALLY in a completely balance way.


If you set an unbalanced goal, one that provides more for one side of you brain than it does for the other, then your unconscious brain will fill the gap and it will fill that gap with what it knows you are COMFORTABLE with. It will fill the gap with your current habits and beliefs, the ones that have got you EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!

Now, by their very definition, those habits and beliefs are not the ones that will drive you to achieve your new goal.

This is classically where we SABOTAGE our goals and we revert to type, sometimes without even realising it in that moment. We don’t realise that our actions aren’t moving us towards our goal, as the unconscious brain is so powerful we just do it and then realise, at some point in the future, that we haven’t moved forward.

You need your new actions… your new desires to drive a change in your habits and beliefs to achieve your new goal and not leave any space for doubt to kick in and fuel the unconscious brain to take over.

Now you have this understanding I recommend looking back over some of your previous goal setting and start to establish which side of the brain your satisfied with you plans AND which side you missed out on.

Looking back at previous goals that didn’t work out the way you intended is a really effective way of helping you identify what you must strengthen in order to set a goal that you’ll SMASH OUT THE PARK!


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I hope that you’ve enjoyed Step 1 of my Goal Setting Crash Course.

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