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Effectively and Efficiently Manage a Global Team Whilst Working Anywhere in the World

Basecamp 3 is a very popular online project management suite, enabling users to organize people, delegate tasks, and monitor the progress of projects right from the start. Basecamp’s primary features are to-do lists, milestone management, forum-like messaging, file sharing and time tracking.

It interfaces seamlessly with Google Drive and many G Suite and Zapier apps and is ideal for managing projects and key personnel – especially when members of your team are physically located in different time zones, as are my team.

Tasks are organized in to-do lists, with key deadlines and assigned employees to avoid all sorts of confusion. Tasks can be prioritised and reordered and the system can be tailored to work to your requirements.

Basecamp also summarises finished projects and achieved milestones and generates automated reports to save even more time.

Another of the strengths of Basecamp is its ease of sharing ideas, collaborating over proposals and communicating “conversations” to make sure all relevant team members are up to date and on the same page. Their clever “campfire” technology enables users to chat with individuals and groups in real time – thereby quickly assembling everyone’s valuable feedback before making an important decision.

“I couldn’t run my global team without it – my relevant team members are constantly updated with all the information that they need about the projects in which they are involved. It quite literally provides collaboration “on the move”. I recently posted a shared note to my creative team from my iPhone app about a new idea that occurred to me while out running. That’s the way I love to work and Basecamp enables me to run my business from my iPhone… when I want to!”

Google Drive is Google’s file storage and synchronization service, which allows users to store files in the cloud, synchronize files across different devices, and share and modify files. Google Drive also allows apps with offline capabilities for both Windows and macOS to store and access content.

Similar to Microsoft’s Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Google offers Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, as an office suite for collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more. Files created and edited through the office suite are saved in Google Drive.

Users can change privacy settings for individual files and folders, including enabling sharing with other users or making content public. Specific folders on a user’s computer can be backed up to the drive.

Essentially it offers greater collaboration for teams of people working on the same documents or sharing information between people working on the same project.

It communicates seamlessly with G-Suite apps enabling you to tailor and adapt your business tools as you grow.

“If there’s more than one person in your team then this is lesson one on how to get organised! Drive offers collaboration on a robust, stable, and reliable platform. PLUS it hosts all your documents in ‘The Cloud’ therefore making backing-up your PC or Laptop and thing of the past. I can literally access EVERY business document I have via my iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop and never worry that I’m not using the latest version. Another complete no brainer!”

Zoom is one of the leading cloud-based video conferencing and web conferencing services. It features HD video quality, group collaboration, screen sharing, whiteboarding and the ability to integrate third party teleconferencing services if you ever need to.

You can schedule calls in advance using your own ‘private’ meeting room address and ping links out to those who need to join the call. There’s no need to make sure you’re “connected” with an individual in advance of the call… they simple join the call from the link to send over…nice and simple!

“We use Zoom on a daily basis for all of the above features PLUS for our live webinars (more on that over in our Webinar Software section) and it’s perfect for the job. To me it seems more robust than other platforms offering better call quality and more stability.”

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