I’m blessed to have worked with so many great people


Award Winning Entrepreneur and 3 Times #1 Bestselling Author

“The very first time we worked with Phillip we made £252,000 in just 4 days.”

Shaa coaches clients how escape the 9 to 5, stop trading their time for money and build a six figure digital business they LOVE running.

Shaa was confident in her product but it wasn’t reaching as many people as she knew she could.

“I knew we could reach more people through influential affiliate partners, but I just didn’t know where to start.”

“Soon after we started working with Phil we successfully launched our product with affiliate partners and it was our biggest launch to date, generating a whooping $252,000 In 4 Days

“The cold hard factual truth is – all you need to do is sell a COUPLE extra products through what Phil teaches you and you will have made your money back from any investment you make with him.”

“If you’re even thinking about working with Phil, then just go and bloody do it!”


Founder of Brooks Automotive

“Phil was a huge influence taking our business from £12,000 per month to £206,000 per month in just 18 months. However, this wasn’t the biggest thing that Phil helped me with.”

Toby ships classic cars parts all over the world from his eCommerce store. It wasn’t always easy for him. High overheads each month to cover facilities, stock, and staff which all were funded by Toby’s own hard-earned cash.

By opening an additional affiliate revenue stream, Toby’s business was able to THRIVE to its full potential growing 17x in just 18 months.

“Before I was constrained by my business. It was like a huge snowball forever chasing me down the hill constantly consuming cash!”

“Phil has changed the way I see business, before I was constrained by my business, it was like a huge snowball forever chasing me down the hill and it was very stressful.”

“Phil helped me turn this huge snowball into a MONEY MACHINE. Now I have this amazing system in my business machine where my affiliate partners do my marketing for me and I just see money coming out at the bottom.”

“My business now allows to me to have the lifestyle that I previously just dreamt of. This is solely down to the work that I did with Phil. Working with Phil has been one of the best things I ever did!”


The Small Business Law Expert™

“Phillip really helped me out of a tight spot.”

Suzanne created the UK’s Leading GDPR Compliance Pack and along with her Small Business Legal Academy sales started booming really quickly.

Suzanne saw the opportunity to tap into the powerful strategy of recommendations and Affiliate Marketing but was unsure exactly how to set everything up.

“I had loads of people wanting to promote my GDPR Compliance Pack which was great, BUT, what wasn’t so great was my systems just weren’t set up for the job.”

“Phillip came in and was a TOTAL LIFE SAVER.”

“If you need someone who really understands, Affiliate Marketing, working with Affiliate Partners, Product Launches and Online Marketing in general then look no further than Phillip.”


Founder of American Posture Institute

“Phil was fundamental in helping us with our largest ever product launch where we generated $850,000 in just over a WEEK”

Mark’s story is a great example of how this marketing system can work for any business. Who would have thought that there is such a big business in teaching chiropractors how to grow their own practices?

I certainly didn’t… the market is so tiny, there are only 120,000 chiropractors in the world!

However, with the right affiliate partners we were able to quickly expand Mark’s reach WAY beyond their organic scope and get Mark’s business rocking!

“Phil thank you so much to what you have done for us you have been instrumental in building our company which is now multi-million dollar company in the health space.”

“Phil helped us with our largest ever launch which was $850,000 in just over a WEEK.”

“If you ever have the opportunity to pick his brains do not hesitate. Additionally, if you are one of the select few who has the opportunity to work with him, then JUST DO IT!”

“Phil is not just a genius in influencer and affiliate marketing space, but he’s also one of the coolest people I know.”

Karen Kissane

Founder of Karen Kissane Coaching

“Phil knows his stuff inside out and makes it easy for you to succeed.”

Karen knew that her best quality leads came via referral and recommendations, but she was struggling to see how she could scale these types of leads in a sustainable manner.

“I’ve always known my best leads come from referrals, but I didn’t know how to scale them.  To now think that I have a system in place to do this gives me the best of everything.”

“Phillip is an absolute joy to work with.  So knowledgable and so willing to share.

“I’ve had several light-bulb moments where I’ve felt everything in my business is falling into place.  His straight talking approach is helping me get ahead.”

Perry Power

Founder of Power Bespoke

“The first launch, of my first course, did just over $40,000 which was incredible!”

When I first starting working with Perry he was a very early stage start-up (actually running the business from his bedroom!).  I rarely work with such young businesses, but Perry’s idea was very exciting.  Five years on he’s now scaling towards £1m, employing an enterprising team and changing the way homes are bought and sold in the UK.

“You gave me the confidence to get out there and share what we’re doing with the world.”

“It was amazing when you helped me take my knowledge and digitalize it into online courses and communities.”

May Simpkin MSc

Founder of ‘The May Way’ Personalised Nutrition

“Phil is brilliant. We’ve worked together on regular fortnightly calls which has given me real structure, accountability and clarity around exactly what I needed to do so I am making efficient progress.”

May wanted to increase her reach and exposure to build a community of highly targeted people to engage with, support and ultimately introduce to her paid courses and retreats.

May was used to attracting clients from word-of-mouth recommendations and loved the concept of scaling this with an online system.

“I loved working with Phil, he’s so kind and patient with me whilst I’m learning these new skills. It’s also incredibly obvious he has a lot of knowledge and experience with referral partnerships and digital marketing techniques.”

“I’m looking forward to continuing our working relationship and making some serious money!”

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