Positive Thinking and Helping You Build Momentum

Whether you are starting a new business or growing an existing one without doubt you will regularly meet challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome. This is all part of the fun of being in business…right!

Following on from my last blog (PGsTips No.2) here is a highly effective way of building enough momentum to get you over the hurdles you will meet and make sure you maintain a positive mental attitude.

This is a great technique that I learnt some years ago now and still use as and when required.

Once you have determined your goals, take some time to complete this exercise, it will pay dividends and help you over the inevitable challenges you will face when driving your business forward.

Have a look at this diagram:


Let’s have a look at how this works by reviewing each section in turn and brainstorm some ideas…

Box 1

List all the possible advantages of delivering your project, or achieving your goal. Just give yourself a few minutes to jot down the thoughts that come into your head. Don’t evaluate them or ponder over them, just write them down and move on to the next thought…when you have run out of thoughts…have a short break…time for a coffee or a walk around the garden. Then come back to the exercise.

Box 2

List all the possible disadvantages of staying where you are and not starting your project or achieving your goal. As above, give yourself a few minutes to jot down the thoughts that come into your head, don’t evaluate them, just jot them down…until you run out. Time for another short break…then come back to this exercise.

Box 3

List all the possible advantages of staying exactly where you are now. If you don’t bother to start your new project or aim for the new goal, what will life be like, what will happen for you? As above, give yourself a few minutes to jot down the thoughts that come into your head-no evaluation. Last short break…make the most of it…then come back again.

Box 4

List all the disadvantages of completing your new project and achieving your goal. Yes, you have read that correctly. List all the possible disadvantages of achieving your goal and growing your business. Anything that you could gain that you don’t want or anything you could lose that is valuable to you.

Take a look at your lists: What does that tell you?

To build momentum, maintain a positive mindset and stand a great chance of achieving your goals, it is important that the ideas in lists 1 and 2 are muchmuch more powerful and more compelling than those in lists 3 and 4.

This isn’t just that the number of thoughts in 1 and 2 is greater than the number of thoughts in 3 and 4. It’s more about how you feel when you look at your comments you’ve written down in the grid above.

Now, If you don’t feel that (1+2>>3+4), then you need to set about either increasing the power of the thoughts in lists 1 and 2 and/or reducing the influence and power of the thoughts listed in lists 3 and 4.

If you have any questions or comments on this exercise feel free to post a comment below or message me on Twitter or Facebook. If you’d rather keep your questions private, simply connect or send a DM/friend request stating you’d like to talk about #PGsTips No.3

All the best

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