Step 2 – Locating Great Products and Services

Every successful business provides great products or services and great value. Notice I use the word “value” and not price.  If you focus your business around delivering value you’re much more likely to succeed. Competing on price is a tough game and more often than not leads to slippery slope of failure.

In Chapter 4 or my eGuide ‘7 Simple Steps To Make Money From Your Website’ I show you how you can easily access more products than you will ever need. I share with you the strategy I use to create profit partnerships and piggy back with the giants in my industry.  In fact, they end up doing all the hard work for me.

Of course it’s possible to introduce your own products at this stage. However, if you’re looking to build a lean, nimble and profitable business using my principles I suggest you keep your options open until your read Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

But first, the concept I’d like to start thinking through here is that you need to think beyond your initial product idea. It’s much easier to build a sustainable long-term profitable business around a range of closely associated products or services. Think back to your niche and micro-niche research, what other products or services are your hungry audience interested in?  What can you introduce them to at around the same price point?  What can you introduce at a series of higher price points?

Here are some examples from my business.

  • £10 to £50 – Golf Balls, Golf Gloves, Golf Socks, Golf Accessories etc.
  • £30 to £150 – Golf Shoes, Golf Trousers – Shirts – Jumpers etc.
  • £100 plus – Golf Clubs, Designer Golf Clothes, Golf Trollies etc.
  • £300 plus – Golf Clubs, Golf Holidays etc.

Please note; I only ever sell items I like and/or use, are of a known quality standard to me and distributed by companies I trust. If you’re thinking you can sell anything without establishing a connection with the product or supplier then STOP now…you will never make any real money online.

Online business, like any good business, relies on building a relationship with your hungry audience, to do that you MUST focus on great products, being sold at great prices that represent great value. Do this and you will win – ignore this tip and sooner or later you will fail.  Harsh…but true.

Here’s to your success.

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