Phillip Gibbs, Affiliate Marketer and Mentor

Started my business in 2010. Trained by Doug Richard and Shaa Wasmund.

After 8 months (working in my spare time) I’d built an income greater than my salary.

I’m passionate about building lean, nimble and profitable businesses.

Along side building my Affiliate Marketing business, since 2012 I’ve worked directly with 41 clients helping them integrate Affiliate Marketing techniques within their website.  Every client has been successful generating many many times their investment in my mentoring.

I want to help many more by taking my proven training online.


Turn Your Content Into Cash…how to make money from your website in 7 weeks.

A seven step video training course designed to help website owners generate additional income from the work they already do.  All achievable with no additional staff, no additional stock, no face-to-face selling and no horrible flashing banners.

Target Markets

Target Market #1

  • Bloggers – The part time professional.  The hobbyist.  The entrepreneur  –  89% of the UK blogging community
  • 16.7 million bloggers worldwide
  • 2 largest markets – USA 29.22% and then the UK at 6.75%

The Audience

  • Gender neutral (51% F / 49% M)
  • 25 to 50 years old

The Opportunity

  • 54% make less than £10k per annum.
  • Only 11% of the blogging community class themselves as generating a living or wealthy from their blogging activity.

How I help

  • Share my Affiliate Marketing knowledge and experience to help the Part Time Professional, The Hobbyist and The Entrepreneur generate grow their income from their sites.

Target Market #2

  • People seeking additional income in their spare time from home.
  • Looking to escape the 9 to 5 job.

The Audience

  • A slight female bias – 58% F / 42% M
  • 30 to 55 years old

The Opportunity

  • On average 361,750 people search Google UK each month for ‘make additional money’ with a further 259,490 searching ‘make money online’.

How I help

  • My Affiliate Marketing system can help them build an income with no investment in stock and no face-to-face selling.
  • I will set-up and give them a WordPress website + domain name to help them get started.  Plus, bonus video training on how to edit and manage.
  • With the right knowledge the entire business can be managed and grown from a internet connection.  As I do!

Market Opportunity

Training in the Affiliate Marketing sector is largely dominated by American marketers.  It’s not for everyone!

Udemy – 15 to 20 courses running (last 3 months).  In the region of 21,000 students.

Affiliate Marketing training in the UK is mostly offered by the Marketing Institutes and aimed at helping businesses open more marketing channels, not aimed at helping the individual.

I believe there’s an opening for authentic Affiliate Marketing training without all the hype and non-sense and merging the technical (how-to) aspects with solid and sustainable business training.

Course Lead Magnet

  • 7 Simple Steps To Make Money From Your Site – launching today – Squeeze Page

Broad Worldwide Opportunity

The course content can be tailored very easily to fit a number of target markets and English content taking countries such as USA, Canada, UAE, Australia etc.

The Course

Turn Your Content Into Cash…how to make money from your website in 7 weeks.

Chapter Structure

  • Personal introduction outlining chapter content
  • 3 to 5 minute video tutorials – voice over slides and screen share
  • Q&A to reinforce training


  • Introduction and Pre-Course Assessment
  • Chapter 1 – Finding A Hungry Audience
  1. Market Research
  2. Choose Your Niche
  3. Define Your Micro-niches
  • Chapter 2 – Locating Great Products and Services
  1. Affiliate Networks
  2. Product Supplier ‘In-House’ Networks
  3. Lead Generation Options
  4. Average Product Price
  5. What’s Your Cross-sell / Up-sell Plan?
  6. Building Your Product Funnel
  • Chapter 3 – Researching The Competition
  1. Online Research Tools
  2. Building Your Competitor List
  • Chapter 4 – Building The Business Plan
  1. Commissions
  2. Cookie Lengths
  3. Network Payment Limits and Time Schedules
  4. Running Your Viability Check
  • Chapter 5 – Building The Marketing Platforms
  1. WordPress Website
  2. Social Media Channels
  3. Joining The Affiliate Networks
  • Chapter 6 – Creating The Marketing Plan
  1. Online Plans
  2. Joint Venturing
  3. Tribe Growth Tactics
  • Chapter 7 – Rinse, Refine, Repeat and Celebrate!
  1. WELL DONE – now let’s build one a week!
  2. Check Sheet and Process Mindmap
  • Conclusion and Post Course Assessment

The Platform

Summit Evergreen with twice weekly email nurture campaign.

Launch Date and Pricing

Start selling Monday 3rd August


Bonus Training

Discover Your Learning Style – designed to help you get the most out of my training courses.

18 question assessment which will define your learning style mix (Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic) – Link to draft assessment survey funnel.

Bespoke report will help you understand and apply the right techniques for you.

Logic:- Aids success and therefore increase likelihood of future up-sells.

Draft Sales Video

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