Last week’s lesson covered part two of our little social media mini-series.

We took you through a very important strategy, which is simply an unbreakable rule if you want your social media activity to be fruitful, increasing customer retention and, of course, new customer acquisition.

  1. When and What
  2. Build don’t Broadcast
  3. Tell don’t Sell

Let’s move to the third and final step – Tell Don’t Sell.

Like the analogy we drew in our last post, the technique we’re going to run through here really isn’t anything groundbreaking.  Indeed, you may well have heard of the phrase ‘Tell don’t Sell’ before, particularly if you are an effective networker.

This helps you focus on new customer acquisition and customer retention.

You see… the rules are just the same, whether you are face-to-face or online using a social media platform.

The challenge is that we see and meet people all the time who, for whatever reason, seem to completely throw these proven rules out of the window when it comes to their Social Media activity.  They do things they’d never dream of doing in a face-to-face situation and it ends up killing their activity.

The mechanisms, by which, people’s buying habits can be influenced and how they can be accessed using Social Media are changing rapidly, we totally endorse that statement.  However, ultimately their buying decision process is exactly the same as it’s always been.


It is still and, will always be, much better to TELL your prospective customers/clients about the BENEFITS of your product or service than it is to attempt to SELL them the FEATURES of your product or service.

We touched on this strategy several times in previous posts.

Take a moment to re-read these lessons directly after this one; in fact, we’ll put a link at the bottom of the page so you can easily click through.  It will only take 2 minutes and when read back-to-back with this one, you’ll be really well set to ensure your time on social media is effective at generating quality leads and bottom line profits.

Let’s run through a good and bad scenario.  Give me a few minutes to flick through my Insta account now and I’ll find a couple of real-life examples.

Right then, I’m back


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10:42pm via Insta

Are you fed up with being on the cash flow rollercoaster?  You know what I mean, one week your pulling in sales and everything is looking rosey, and the next week, without seeming to do anything different, you make no sales at all.

It’s super frustrating, isn’t it?

I’ve been here myself, just a few years ago and I remember it vividly.  The highs were great, but the lows really sucked!  A few years ago I found a solution that eliminated all my struggles and allowed me to create consistent and predictable monthly income from the work I was already doing.

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Now, I’m not joking, these are real messages I’ve just found.

Can you spot which one is the SELL and which is the TELL…?  Of course, it’s really easy, isn’t it?

The first is just too aggressive, a very noticeable SELL message.  A message that if you were face-to-face with someone, there’s no way you’d ever think of just broadcasting that to start a conversation.

It’s completely ineffective, it doesn’t engage you in any way and, worse than that could easily annoy your followers which is pretty much guaranteed to destroy any potential new customer acquisition and might even cause current customer retention issues too.

The second is a classic TELL message which will draw in those who have an ‘interest in’ or a ‘want for’ a consistent and predictable monthly income.

So, what should we all be doing?

Well, whilst a one-off SELL message isn’t an absolute disaster.  Can you imagine if you combine this sort of tweeting with a low level of engagement with your followers and, a high volume of BROADCASTING as we discussed in previous posts?

That really is a sure-fire way to completely annoy your followers and give them causes to un-follow you.

Conversely and let’s end on the positive, imagine you engage with your followers.  Build up a rapport with them using the techniques we gave you in our previous posts (links below) and then marry that with a TELL message, such as the example above. 

Add to that a really well-targeted and engaged list of followers, who have registered an ‘interest in’ or a ‘want for’ your product or service. 

Do you think they will follow your lead and click on the link? 

You bet they will… and, in fact, I absolutely did.  I’ve even booked on a call with her too, on which I’m sure she will explain how I can work closely with her to get these results in my business.

Here’s to your success.

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