Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur: Positive Thinking


So…how do seemingly ordinary people achieve extraordinary success? How come some people build their businesses and end up financially free? While others, often better qualified and with many apparent advantages, end up with little or no success?

I believe that a large part of the answer lies in how people think and therefore how they behave. The habits they have, and what they do day to day to drive their business forward. In this edition of #PGsTips, I explore one pattern of entrepreneurial thinking which I personally took on board several years ago and which has helped me create my successes.


You may know that I specialise in helping businesses profit through affiliate partnerships. Ultimately build a lean, nimble, and highly profitable enterprise. As part of this, I have come to realise that “entrepreneurs” have a set of beliefs that are quite different from other people. Some years ago now, my own mentor helped me recognise and change one particular belief. This little tweak made a massive impact on my success.


People who are not achieving success seem to consistently demonstrate a fear of failure (and that’s their own definition, not imposed by me). They continually put off doing the final actions to drive their business project forward and to a conclusion. The thinking seems to be that whilst the project is “in progress”, there is still some hope that it will be successful. And they enjoy that hope. I learnt on the other hand to push my projects forward, determined to see whether they work or not.


There’s no fear associated with failure in my mind, I just go for it. I monitor each project closely, refine what’s working, ditch what isn’t and repeat until I achieve my desired goal. This is exactly how I built my network of websites from scratch.

I suppose that successful entrepreneurs have the belief that “if one part of a project doesn’t work, then they are one step closer to finding out a way that does” and plough on to find that way. Other, less successful, people interpret their projects as not working a failure. Then they look around to blame the system, the internet, their teachers, and sometimes, themselves.

The obvious question is, how to help people to take on the beliefs of entrepreneurs and begin to enjoy success. For me, that process took two steps. The first I’ll share with you now and the second I’ll share in my next edition of PGsTips.


Positive thinking attracts positive results

I’ve learnt that when I think positively about something I want to achieve, something uncanny happens and I start attracting opportunities into my life that help me achieve my goal.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘law of attraction’ before and I promise I’m not going all woo woo, but this stuff just works for me. And I’ve seen it work for others too.

I make sure my thought patterns are always what I call ‘Above The Line‘. Also, I make sure that I’m taking complete Ownership, that I’m totally Responsible, and that I’m Accountable for the project’s success.

I actively fight off any ‘Below The Line’ thoughts that might enter my mind every now and again. Those of Blame, Excuses, and Denial.

If I catch myself with any of these thoughts in my mind, I immediately take a little time out. I grab a coffee or go for a walk, and run through the second step. The second step is a little more involved. It’s a process that helps explore what’s potentially blocking you and what are the advantages to you of not succeeding and so on.

As I mentioned, I’m going to share this second process in edition #3 of my PGsTips – click here to read more.

For now…to close this blog post I’d like to share four books I’ve read several times and recommend you read too. Follow the links and read the reviews, pick the ones that resonate most with you and start dedicating an hour a day to reading and preparing your success.

Here’s to your success

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P.S – If you only have time to read one of the above…grab a copy of << Do Less, Get More >> by my friend and mentor Shaa Wasmund.

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