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Business Growth – Pay Great Minds For Great Advice

This is actually one of the first business growth strategies I learned from my father.

It’s a strategy he has used all his life to grow businesses and a lesson he made sure was well engrained in my core beliefs. He wanted to make sure that when I’m presented with an opportunity or a challenge, I always know where to turn for professional advice.

Since starting my entrepreneurial journey in 2004 I’ve built a support network around me that I know always has my back. Whether it be my brilliant accountants who are super proactive covering all the bases and watching out for any changes that may affect my business growth or personal interests, or, my lawyers making sure that my current and new ventures run smoothly. I feel very fortunate to have a great team around me that I can trust.

Equally, I’ve applied this right throughout my life, even when I’m looking for business growth advice I search out the best brains in the industry, share with them what I want to achieve, and let them do their thing and follow their advice.

My #1 Business Growth Tip – “I never buy on price…I always buy on value.”

This could perhaps be the topic of a whole different blog! However, for now, take away my tip that “it doesn’t cost, it pays to use professionals.” That’s actually one of my team’s straplines when they are out networking…I love it!

I’ve learned to think beyond the actual monetary cost of a service. For example; when selling my house I reviewed agents based on what value they could bring to the table, not on what percentage of the sales price they were going to charge. After all the best value estate agent is the one that sells your house for the most money…right! A great estate agent will achieve a premium price, negotiate a smooth sale and make their fee back several times over.

Have I ever deviated from these business growth strategies?  Of course, I have!

I’m not going to pretend it has always been smooth sailing and that my business growth has come easy. Perhaps in life sometimes you have to do things wrong to appreciate what’s right. On occasions, in my earlier years, I have thought that I can do things outside my skillset myself and perhaps save a little money. I know on those few occasions I have gone on the regret it – wasted time, unnecessary pressure, distraction, slower progress, and ultimately frustration on my part.


  1. Work out who’s on your team now? – Do they deliver? – Do you trust them?
  2. Work out who else you need on your team to achieve your goals? – What additional skills do you need access to? – Who do you need around you to support, guide, and protect your interests.
  3. Let them know they are on your team. Share your goals with them and let them know they are your ‘go-to person for their service.

Here’s to your business growth and your success.

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