Marketing Geek, Motorsport Nut, Sales Nerd, Conversion Junkie & Golf Demon!



Committed to helping good people increase sales


Intolerant to moaners and their lame excuses


Charged by family, friends, fun and laughter

Things You Should Know About Me


I’m always positive and I really struggle with negativity.  To be honest, I tend to remove negative people from my life as quickly as possible.


Enjoying every part of my life is very important to me.  Whether it be business or pleasure I will always strive to make things fun and enjoyable.


I’m annoyingly persistent.  When I really want something I just keep going until I achieve it.  Telling me it can’t be done just makes me want it even more!


I love cars and motorsport.  If you ever want to get my attention just arrange a meeting at a race track or hill climb.  I’ll be there!


I love analysing stuff.  As a kid I used to take loads of things apart to discover how they worked, much to my Mom and Dad’s dismay!  Makes sense of my first job being a mechanical engineer!


I’m resourceful and I’ve learned that it’s not about the resources you have available to you, but rather how resourceful you are.


I’m now a big believer in a healthly body breads a healthy mind.  But, it wasn’t always this way.  In my 30’s I threw myself at business and neglected my own health.  Four years ago I changed everything and I’ve never looked back.


Socially I’m a terrible timekeeper.  When it comes to work life I’m very punctual, but socially something just goes wrong!  My friends just laugh at me!


I absolutely love to travel and my wife and I like to follow the sun.  It’s a big personal driver behind building the business the way I have.

My Favourite Quote

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between work and play; labour and leisure; mind and body; education and recreation. 


They hardly know which is which.


They simply pursue their vision of excellence through whatever they are doing and leave others to determine whether they are working or playing.


To themselves they always appear to be doing both.”

Hi, my name is Philip Gibbs, I help online entrepreneurs profit through Referral Partnerships and build lean, nimble and profitable businesses.

My life’s motto has always been to win… but to do it the most effective and enjoyable way!

As a teenager I was a talented national golfer winning many accolades, before landing my dream job with Land Rover, testing cars in extreme conditions, from Canadian ice lakes to the sand dunes of Dubai. But it wasn’t only at sports and business that I applied this motto… I also pushed myself in education gaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Harvard Business Management accreditation.

However, at this point in my life, I had nailed how to win, but I wasn’t doing it with ease… it took A LOT of blood, sweat, and tears.

During my time with Land Rover it struck me that my bosses worked increasingly long hours for their money and often seemed frustrated and unsatisfied.

I also started to look at the people around me, people in my social circle, who seemed happier and guess what…there was a theme! They were all in control of their own success, some running their own businesses, whilst others were investing in stocks, shares and property as a sideline to their corporate job.

I remember the day the penny really dropped for me. I was on my way to a car show at the NEC with my Dad. On the way we talked over Dad’s career path, the opportunities he’d taken and the decisions he’d made. It was a real warts and all chat!

After the early sudden death of his father he was forced to look at investments to help his mother maintain an income. Between them they chose to invest in property. It was this point that changed Dad’s life. A few years down the line he could see a route to leaving his corporate job and Mum and Dad threw everything they had into building a property business. Dad escaped what I now refer to as the ‘time for money trap’ at the age of 50 building a business that afforded him an enviable work – life balance.

So, after a little time considering my options and just after my 12th anniversary with Land Rover my entrepreneurial spirit saw me take a leap of faith away from the [then] relative safety of corporate life, to pursue my own dreams. I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.

But to be brutally honest my first business was a mistake…

I spent four years building a business ending up with 15 staff and large premises. Whilst it looked glorious from the outside, the truth was I felt trapped chasing sales to stay ahead of the ever increasing overheads. Whilst life was better, quite good in fact, I learned a big lesson. I was really still exchanging my time for money and whilst the levels had moved up a notch or two, it wasn’t affording me the freedom I desired.

Surely building a business should be fun…after all we spend enough time working on it.

philip gibbs

I decided then that there must be a better way. So I went for a beer with my dad and sought his advice, he suggested that I sat down and wrote out what my ideal business would look like, what it would offer me and ignore any preconceived ideas I might have about what’s possible.

Here’s a picture of the notes I wrote following that pint with my Dad…

I wanted to build a business with:-

  • No staff (or minimal staff)
  • No stock (or minimal stock)
  • No face to face dealings
  • Not dependant on my time
  • Has the ability to reach to the market
  • Not dependant on weather or outside forces
  • Gives me some freedom
  • Turnover £100k min – netting £75k per annum or £18k per quarter

After arranging my exit from my business I embarked on a mission to create what I hoped would be possible. My second leap of faith!


After months of researching various business models, including franchises (certainly none of those felt right!) an online theme played a role in everything that appealed to me.

So, I decided to invested in some strategic personal development and business training to create my own path. The path that has led me to where I am today running a profitable online business and helping my clients do it too.

These days, businesses can (and should) be light and nimble, flexible on costs and quick to adapt. Imagine being able to run a business, working from anywhere in the world, at any time. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to put the time in. However, as I’m experiencing first hand, when your work is something you simply love doing, offers you complete flexibility and is providing a great lifestyle you will actually struggle to stop working!

I’m dedicated to helping you build a lean, nimble and profitable business but through the proven and tested routes that I’ve personally experienced. I’ve studied and refined these strategies myself as most of the online marketing courses are not aimed at business owners who already have a product/service and brand.

With my business knowledge and experience spanning the property, leisure, retail and e-commerce sectors, I am a highly respected business mentor with real life experience growing and selling businesses. I like to think I’ve got a friendly straight forward approach, a good sense of humour, with an innate ability to spot and create opportunities, set goals and implement plans to achieve success.

So what do I mean by lean, nimble and profitable?

  • LEAN on costs with no stock, no staff. Allowing costs to be turned on and off as required to drive growth and control cash flow.
  • NIMBLE out-manoeuvring competitors and stealing market share by helping people find the right product, at the right time and at the right price.
  • PROFITABLE generating the financial reward you need to live the life you deserve with the freedom you desire.

I guess if I’m brutally honest, after writing out my ideal business notes back in the summer of 2008 I never really thought I’d be able to create a business that ticked every single box. But I have…

We’re living in exciting times where technology is constantly redefining ‘what’s possible’. It’s why we’re at the start of the Entrepreneurial Revolution and I’m on a mission to help ambitious people understand what’s possible and furthermore, achieve the business and lifestyle they desire.

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