Helping You Sell More Online Courses, Memberships And Subscriptions

Specifically created for action takers who want to see rapid change in their business.

The Referral Method™ Consultancy helps you incorporate a high-performance, low-risk marketing system within your business in just 90 days.

Phillip has used this system to sell 2,016 premium online courses, 2,404 memberships and thousands of subscriptions and during this consultancy he will work with you and your team to integrate it into your business so you can achieve the results you want, without the fear of wasting time or your hard-earned cash.


The Goal

More Sales… More Profit… More Certainty

Program Length

90 Days


Private 1:1 Consultancy

What is it?

The Referral Method™ Consultancy is a 12-week program where you work directly 1:1 with Phillip on weekly live video calls.  The program helps you accelerate your way to boosting sales via online referrals and affiliate partnerships.

Who Is It For?

The Referral Method™ Consultancy is for entrepreneurs with online courses, membership sites or software subscription businesses. Successful businesses either have a product in place and want to scale, or are adding digital products to an established business.

Where Does It Happen?

The Referral Method™ Consultancy is a personal 1:1 program that is delivered via online video calls which are recorded for your reference.  During the live calls Phillip will share interactive teachings via his iPad along with screen share tutorials as required.

How Does It Work?

We will hold weekly live 1:1 private video calls during which we will progress through the trademark 9 step system. We will interactively work through each step together implementing your system step-by-step along with full support.

When Does It Start?

As The Referral Method™ Consultancy requires a personal time commitment obviously places are strictly limited.  There’s good news though… if you are reading this page there is at least one place available!  After your successful application first meetings are usually set-up within 7 to 10 days.

Why Does It Exist?

The Referral Method™ Consultancy program was created to fill a gap in the market and fulfill a personal desire to help people 1:1.  Whilst our online training programs are incredibly well-received, there’s nothing quite like personalised guidance and accountability from someone who’s been there and done it.

Here Is Everything You Will Benefit From

1:1 Deep Dive Intensive

Understanding Your Business And Personal Goals Whilst Also Building Your 90 & 180 Day Plans

1:1 Weekly Consultancy

Strategy, Implementation & Accountability Giving You Dedicated Regular Business Development Times Every Single Week

The Vault

A Private Online Area Helping You Quickly And Easily Access All Call Recordings, Templates and Workbooks

Private Support Community

Rapid Support PLUS Connections With Likeminded Owners All Building Digital Empires


Students of the Referral Method™ Consultancy program will be granted access to The Referral Method™ Academy, a one-stop-shop empowering entrepreneurs from all around the world to amplify their reach, build their list and boost their sales through Online Referral Partnerships.

Why?  Well, sometimes, when learning new skills, it’s more helpful to have a ‘go-to’ resource you can revisit as often as you wish to compliment the 1:1 consultancy.  This is guaranteed to help you achieve results faster!


Proven Referral Funnel™ And Sales System

Done With You > Your Very Own Partner Referral Funnel™ AND Sales System

Partner Management Centre

Done With You > Your Very Own Partner Management Centre Allowing You To Quickly And Easily Morivate And Reward Your Partners

Battle Tested System With Proven Results

Number Of Students

Revenue Generate By Students

Average Return On Investment

Here Is The Process We Will Follow


The System We Will Build Together

Creating a system for your business which gives you complete control over your leads as well as advanced cash flow, more speed, more choices and increased confidence in your marketing.

Accelerator 1 – Your Ideal Partner Framework

Learn how to use this framework to become crystal clear on who your ideal referral partners are and overcome any doubts or limiting beliefs so you are confident when approaching them.

Accelerator 2 – Your Recruitment Game Plan

Learn to secrets behind getting partners to say YES!  Within this game plan I share my step-by-step formula giving you proven templates and scripts to ensure your success.

Accelerator 3 – The Motivation Toolbox

Motivating referral partners to do what you want, when you want is THE KEY to success.  In this accelerator crash course I share all the tricks-of-the-trade I’ve learned and have been successfully deploying since 2008.

Accelerator 4  – The Transfer Of Trust Blueprint

One of the keys to building long-term referral partnerships is the rate at which you convert and serve this new flow of high quality leads. In this accelerator crash course I share with you the blueprint behind gaining, nurturing and converting the trust of your newly referred leads.

Accelerator 5 – The Referral Funnel Sequence

In this accelerator crash course I share with you my most valuable asset.  The Referral Funnel sequence is proven time and time again to draw in your partners leads, nurture them, add huge value and, most importantly, quickly convert them into sales.

Accelerator 6 – The Easy Tech Solution

Tech struggles can slow growth and be incredibly frustrating.  I get it!  In this accelerator crash course I share with you my trusted solutions to help you quickly and easily set up your chosen tech platform and focus on launching your referral program with confidence and certainty.

Accelerator 7 – The Test > Launch > Run System

Scaling a business creates a multitude of challenges.  Generating a predictable flow of high quality leads should not be one of them.  In this accelerator crash course I share with you my system to successfully start, monitor and automate the entire process.

Accelerator 8 – The Calibrate & Improve Dashboard

Knowing exactly what to track and how to focus on the key areas that actually move the needle is key to scaling.  In this accelerator crash course I give you a template to follow and guidance around your referral programs Key Performance Indicators.

Accelerator 9 – The Speedy Template Vault

Creating and running your referral program should be easy, efficient and straightforward.  In this crash course I share with you all the templates, checksheets, process flows emails and video so you can shortcut your route to success scripts and quickly turn a trickle of referrals into an exciting predictable flow.

Here’s What Some Students Are Saying

Our students aren’t just satisfied, they have an online referral and affiliate partnership system successfully making them money.

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