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Effective Social Media Tools to use with Sales in Mind

SmarterQueue is a social media scheduling system that saves you hours when organising and scheduling your social media updates especially when working with multiple social media platforms.

It helps to ensure that your posts get noticed, helping you to grow your business efficiently. It cleverly presents everything you need in one place – from your content calendar, your scheduling, your content curation, your visual reports, and your performance analytics.

SmarterQueue can also recycle your evergreen content automatically, improving your reach without paying for ads.

“It takes the hassle out of standard social media posting. As you get more advanced and move into Facebook Live, videos and interactive content SmarterQueue helps create time for you to focus on these aspects by looking after your more regular content automation.  Once you’ve tried it you’ll never go back to manual posting!”

Many businesses use Twitter to broadcast, to reach out and create new relationships and to communicate regularly with their followers but many ignore one of the most powerful aspects of Twitter. This is its ability as a LISTENING tool. You can find out what your customers, competitors and industry leaders think about the niche topics where your business sits.

Perhaps “Listening” is a slightly misleading term because what you are actually doing is searching through the massive Twitter library of previous conversations. Whilst there are advanced tools available for purchase or monthly fees, the best place to start is Twitter’s Advanced Search facility.

There are only two steps to master. Firstly, you create a number of relevant searches and, secondly, you save these searches and regularly run and review the results. Technically, it’s simple. However, the skill of using this technique is learning how to search to get the best results for your niche.

Start with some basic high-level keywords first and analyse the results. Remember that in technical circles many words have more than one meaning. “Apple”, “Cookies” and “Web” all have meanings outside the computer world and with millions of Tweets posted every day you are going to need to be more specific. You could try searching for competitors’ accounts, searching for relevant hashtags, limiting the search to a geographic location, excluding tweets that contain certain words etc.
Bottom line; it’s going to involve trial and error and many iterations but it is worth persevering.

Once you’re happy, save the search and diarise “listening” to these search results at least once a week.

“It’s also a good way of finding out what your competitors are up to – without following them. Of course, they will be doing this to you, so it’s time to level the playing field!”

Thunderclap is a platform that lets individuals and companies rally people together to spread a message. It’s a form of social collaboration where a group of interest parties get together to mass-share a message so that it rises above the background
noise of the social networks.

Thunderclap describe this process as similar to an “online flash mob” where loads of individuals share the same message spreading the word through a collection of their social platforms at the same time.

“A unbelievably powerful tool when it comes to launches, special offers and important newsworthy announcements. If you know me at all, you’ll know that collaborating with others is big on my agenda.  Thunderclap creates a marketplace, a portal, to enable this strategy to be implemented with social media too.”

This is a brilliant tool for using with Facebook Live broadcasts as it allows you to deliver split screen presentations with different speakers delivering their presentations from different parts of the world!

With our current team spread across the UK, America, Australia and the Philippines and Affiliate Partners across multiple US states BeLive allows everyone to participate and present in the same Facebook Live event.

TOP TIP – you might like to copy this idea too!

“I recently hosted a 7 HOUR Facebook Live with our best affiliate partners. Each affiliate partner and ourselves had 50 minutes to deliver some really useful content followed by a 10 minute sales pitch, where they could offer a time-limited bonus product for the audience to purchase. Each partner brought their own audience to the event, all 7 speakers delivered really valuable content to a highly targeted but much larger audience, who loved the content. Everyone benefited from
increased credibility and the “transference of trust” that this event demonstrated. At the end of the day, significant sales were made to create a WIN, WIN for everyone involved.  This whole event simply wouldn’t have been possible without – it’s an awesome tool.”

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