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Make your Market Research and Marketing Super Effective and Super Simple

WordPress quite simply is the definitive web design platform for the modern age. It is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the web, supporting more than 60 million websites.

Previously, websites were largely built in HTML code or proprietary systems by developers. Website owners needed to pay consultancy fees to these developers to create and maintain their websites for them. Does that sound familiar?…! As WordPress is both free and comes with its own CMS it can easily be maintained by you, members of your own team or, any one of the hundreds of thousands freelancers specialising in WordPress.

The most important point is that a website built in WordPress can be maintained by anyone with elementary internet skills. Websites owners are no longer tied to specialist developers as anyone with basic WordPress expertise can take over the management of an existing website (with the appropriate passwords of course!)

The second most important aspect of WordPress is that, like the iPhone and Android store, third party developers are constantly creating “plugins”, “apps”, and “themes” to enhance the appearance and technical capability of WordPress websites. The progress of both technical innovation and evolution couple with new integration opportunities has been both swift and ground breaking.

“Building websites in WordPress is simply a no brainer. I cringe when I meet business owners who can’t quickly and easily update their own website. Websites should be a living and breathing marketing asset. There’s no way we’d be growing as rapidly as we are without the power of WordPress running our website.”

Whenever you sell a product or a service, there is a sales cycle and a customer journey that is made by the buyer before a sale is completed. It is rarely as simple as a desire equaling an instant purchase. Steps required before a successful transaction usually include awareness, research, establishing credibility and gaining confidence in the seller, risk assessment, looking for guarantees, availability of refunds etc, all way before an online transaction is completed.

ClickFunnels is online software that enables the user easily to create series of webpages (often mirroring this customer journey) that their prospects can navigate through in order to purchase a product, join an email list, or access a webinar. The business owner can build any number of funnels quickly and easily without a single line of techie code!

With ClickFunnels you can easily create Optin Funnels to capture email addresses of your visitors; Sales Funnels to sell your products and services along with any upsells and downsells; Membership Sites where only subscribed members can access your protected content, and; Webinar Funnels to register people for your webinars.

ClickFunnels also has an in-built shopping cart that allows you to quickly convert browsers to buyers, track orders and also integrate affiliate links within your promotions so you can leverage the incredible power of Affiliate Partnerships to grow your sales and profits.

“With great landing pages, follow up pages and product pages, you don’t even need a website! This software is great for startups and established business alike. Whether you are looking to test market an idea, or, looking to build a 7 figure automated sales funnel ClickFunnels has you covered.”

Google AdWords is Google’s system to assist you in marketing your products or services via the Google Search Engine. It works by using a placed text ad that will appear when people search on Google for key phrases that are related to your offering.

These ads take the format of a short text message that includes a title line, with a couple of short descriptive lines, and a URL link to a website or a specific website page. These ads will appear as a “sponsored link” and, if someone clicks on your ad as a result of their google search, you will pay “the price” for that click.

The price (and the quality of your ad) will determine exactly where your ad will rank in the search results. One might assume that the “most expensive” ad will always appear highest on the list but actually Google also rewards quality. Great ads that convert will encourage advertisers to spend more money with Google. Expensive adverts that don’t convert into sales will actually discourage users from using Google Adwords and therefore Google wants to encourage and reward high quality ads that convert into sales!

“We’ve still not found anything better than content-rich websites to convert browsers into buyers and Google Adwords is particularly effective at helping you drive quality traffic with genuine buyer intent. Whether you’re launching a brand new website or looking to drive more opt-ins and sales to your current website Google Adwords can help you pull in highly targeted leads.”

Google Trends not only shows you how often a particular search-term is entered and searched for using the Google Search engine but also it’s relative popularity over time. It’s great for spotting annual and seasonal trends and, of course, for avoiding blind alleys and declining markets!

This is an invaluable tool for marketers who need information about the products, events, and services that matter most to their audiences.

For example, few people in England were searching for “copywriting services” at the beginning of August 2017 but, in the first week of September, when most of the UK returned from their summer holidays, there were peak of searches for this phrase. There are seasonal trends like this in nearly every niche and Google Trends will help you optimise your promotional and marketing activity.

“It’s great to be able to analyse popularity of important keyword terms that we use in our niche. For example, the use of the term “affiliate marketing” is slowing on the overall growth curve but the use of “performance-based marketing” and “results-based marketing” is a much faster growing trend. Whilst the volume of the latter searches may be lower right now, the curve indicates that their use is growing substantially and therefor we will need to build these newer phrases into our marketing mix for the future. That’s a golden insight right there…and that’s why I love Google Trends.”

Buzzsumo is powerful online tool that allows you to find out what content is popular – both by topic or by website.

It’s time to stop guessing and create content you KNOW is going to be popular!

Buzzsumo helps you find out what is already working in your area to help sharpen your focus and give you direction in your content creation. It searches across multiple social sites and gathers information on what topics are gaining the most attention. It finds key influencers by looking at the people that others are listening to and analyses their social media shares to score their influence.

Keyword alerts will update you when specific content is posted or updated. It also analyses what your competitors are doing. Spotting what is/isn’t working for your competitors is an incredible insight to power your business forward.

Buzzsumo saves you hours of time, increases your chances of success and helps you plan your content marketing.

“I search Buzzsumo for my keywords to see who else is providing content on a specific topic and how well their content is being received. Once I’ve looked at what’s working well for them I can review my plan and produce unique content on this topic too. It’s a great way to stop guessing and start knowing what is popular to increase your chances of attracting interest.”

Ninja Outreach was created to help you find influencers in your niche and to automate the “outreach” process for individuals who run blogs, podcasts, marketing programs and regular business websites.

It searches for your niche keywords on Instagram, Twitter, websites and the rest of the internet , and then presents the people who are tagged in that niche, along with their follower counts and locations. You can also evaluate other metrics like visits per month, comments per post, social shares per post and other scores which are incredibly useful when deciding whether to engage with a potential influencer.

As Ninja Outreach syncs with most popular email software packages, when you email your potential influencers and follow up any replies, you will know what stage you are at with each individual. This means that you know who to follow up and how to build proper regular relationships with your influencers.

Looking for influencers manually can be frustrating, intimidating and time consuming.

Ninja Outreach simplifies the whole process of sending out messages to influencers using their library of templates written in plain text and getting straight to the point. Once you’ve modified the template to your own content and brand and sent it out, you can see open rates, click through rates and reply rates to see exactly which of the templates are working for you.

When one of your influencer prospects replies to an email, you are notified via the app so you don’t miss any potential opportunities.

“This is my new favourite tool! I use it to find new affiliates by matching my niche keywords with their content. As both parties will benefit from the new relationship, it’s a great way of finding new potential affiliates in a really clever and efficient manner. Likewise it’s super cool for PR opportunities and for locating influencers who may endorse your brand. Try it out!”

The Fascination Personality Test is an extremely powerful personality test that shows an individual how others perceive them at their best. From a business perspective, it is important to learn how clients and co-workers view you and to learn how to make an even better first impression by fully understanding your most influential traits.

Once you master the art of Fascination you can also use it to understand and influence your prospective clients with valuable insights into what drives their decision making process.

It is important to understand how your personality adds value to your team, but also to discover any potential danger areas in your communication. For example, many super-confident leaders, who inspire admiration and loyalty with their vision, energy and action-packed decisive nature, are often only one step away from becoming dictatorial and overbearing which might end up intimidating an employee from delivering a world changing idea.

“Wow! The most accurate character assessment test I have ever come across. Once I started to use it I was astonished by the accuracy of the results. We now use it to understand everyone’s character type and when we used this with my remote team, it really brought home how better communication will speed up the growth of most companies.”

Whilst many people will think of iTunes as their music buying portal, it is still the major player in the podcast hosting arena allowing you to build up a channel full of great content for your audience to listen to.

People learn in a number of different ways – from reading text, listening to broadcasts, looking at pictures, watching videos and physically “doing” a task. Ideally, when communicating to your audience, you should use all of the available audio, visual and kinaesthetic “broadcasting channels”.

Most “blogs” are written in a easily accessible way – often in the “voice” of the author and these can translate very easily into engaging podcasts. In many cases, it’s almost as simple as recording the author reading a piece that has already been written and therefore you are simply re-purposing great material that you already have.

TOP TIP:- Remember, however, this form of communication is a “performance” and varying your volume, tone, speed, pitch and stresses of each sentence will help to convey your message and keep your audience interested.

Hearing the author communicating directly with their audience on a podcast usually gives added credibility to the message. Their natural authority that comes from knowing the subject and their enthusiasm for their favourite topics will often stand out even more in a podcast than from the written page, so you really shouldn’t ignore this platform.

To publish your Podcast on iTunes from WordPress, you’ll need somewhere to host your podcast files such as the WordPress media area or separately on a fast server if download speed is important. You’ll need to design a cover image as a square JPEG image with the same width and height and between 1400 and 3000 pixels. This can easily be outsourced!

You’ll need to decide on a Tag or Label and make an iTunes Feed, which is heaps easier than that might sound!. You will then need to submit these to Apple for Approval. All podcasts submitted to iTunes are moderated. The process can take up to 10 days, though most submissions are approved within 3 days and on occasion only a few hours.

There are many other sites where you can submit your podcasts including Sticher, Overcast and SoundCloud (see below). However, for first two mention here also fill their directory listings by pulling content in via the iTunes API, so once you are published on iTunes, you will also appear on Stitcher and Overcast plus some others.

“You should really exploit the value of your information by posting the same content
on all available media! A channel full of great content positions you as an expert on your niche and will help you rapidly grow your reach.”

Soundcloud is a growing podcast platform with several hundred of thousand registered users visiting the site on a regular basis. This is why we recommend having a channel presence here as well as iTunes.

Whilst it doesn’t offer the editing power or reach if iTunes, Soundcloud does have a very easy to use integration with WordPress so you can seamlessly synchronise all your podcasts with your website.

Similar to iTunes and YouTube registered users can subscribe to your channel and receive notifications when new content is uploaded.

Tagging your podcasts allows you to optimise your content for searches within the platform. Some authors and publishers also use Soundcloud for audio versions of their books so it can also be a good platform to follow your industry thought leaders on to easily keep abreast of their insights.

“Soundclouds one to be watched in my opinion. I’d highly recommend signing up and claiming your channel ID even if podcasting is a longer term aspiration for you. In a couple of years this platform is predicted to quadruple in size and so treat this as your notice to get in early and own your niche on Soundcloud.”

Audacity is a free, easy-to- use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for both Windows and Apple Mac.

Primarily, it is used to record live audio, edit existing files, and to record computer playback on any Windows computer. It supports the majority of the most popular audio formats including WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, AC3, AAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis sound files. It allows you to cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together and to add numerous effects to your recording including noise reduction, normalization, trimming, and fading in and out etc.

Multitrack mixing is really useful as you can add backing music or even add a narrator or an interviewer on another track to create more of a conversation rather than a lecture. As these additional pieces are all added on separate tracks, you are not damaging your “live content” merely editing the overall presentation to see if it improves the delivery. If it doesn’t help, you can always revert to the original content.

One really cool feature is its ability to precisely adjust the audio speed, whilst maintaining the original pitch, in order to synchronize the audio segment exactly with a video segment. Whilst this is fine tuning, ensuring that your video and audio are completely in sync will add a degree of professionalism to your final video.

“We’ve found Audacity to be a great tool for recording and editing. Good for creating
podcasts or re-editing a Facebook Live broadcast into smaller chunks of great content. It enables you to quickly and easily turn your audio content into shareable MP3 files.”

Zoom is one of the leading cloud-based video conferencing and web conferencing services. It features HD video quality, group collaboration, white-boarding, unlimited voice-over IP (VOIP), the ability to integrate third party teleconferencing services and screen sharing for video clips.

“We use Zoom for our live webinars and it’s perfect for this job. Specifically, it boasts a great integration with InfusionSoft so we can intelligent with a marketing follow up after tutorial and sales webinars.”

WebinarJam offers Live Casting, Event Streaming and Webinar Broadcasting. It enables you to stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or their private JamCast broadcaster. You can set up secure webinar rooms with password protection, engage with a virtual whiteboard, use live with polls and live chat.

Everwebinar allows you to automate and pre-recorded video webinars to offer an ‘on-demand’ service which is perfect for training presentations and webinars to add value to entry level / low ticket sales.

Their auto-responders make pre and post webinar communicating easy. Their advanced analytics and tracking ensure that you know your data inside and out.

“Both Webinar Jam and Everwebinar are powerful tools we couldn’t be without. We use both live and ‘on-demand’ webinars in our business. However, I’d like to stress here one of my pet hates, NEVER pretend a pre-recorded webinar is live…there’s just no need to do that. It never works long term and will damage your brand reputation. There’s a definite place for ‘on demand’ webinars in most business, just be upfront and make sure you pitch it clearly as ‘on-demand’ for your viewers to watch at their convenience.”

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